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The Motivation

Why does CoManifest exist?

Love is the reason. 
Love is the spectrum & ascension in which we show up for ourselves, for each other, and for all that inhabits our experiences and coexistence.

As the concept of love transcends our human conceptualization of space, time and rationality, it is through that same infinite fluidity of LOVE that we evolve.

LOVE in its highest vibrational form being both continuous and everlasting, while LOVE in its purest vibrational form being unconditional; Love of the Divine for life & of life for the divine.


It is through self-love, selfless love, romantic love, friendship love, empathetic love and a plethora of other limitless acts of LOVE that we co-create harmony and balance. However, it is the discovery of self-love that we exist to the best version of ourselves and in natural progression illuminate within and beyond to our surroundings.

“Through the spirit of love we vanguard the ascension of our evolvement through coexistence within ourselves and the support of others.”

-Katherine Natasha